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Kicked on Server2, Reason: Acessory prohibited?




I just bought the Heavy Cargo Pack, did a service with a certain cargo and it went well. I started another service in Brno area with the same truck and different cargo, and at the time of looking for the trailer at the entrance of the reception after choosing, I was kicked with a message of the sort (NetTraillor ...). Then I returned to the server and insisted and was kicked again after the trailer was engaged. This would be my second service, and I had to finish it in singleplayer. Since the DLC is approved for MP, I ask what the problem is?

I am sending the photo of the trailer in question.


Thanks in advance


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hello @LUSOCARGO, welcome to forums. Its a known bug. everyone are having this problem so wait until it gets fixed. also don't take locomotive trailer it has same problem.

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