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Dear fellow members and mods, been wondering why am I having high ping in ets2 truckersmp?

Tried connecting to europe servers, and get average 92-100 ms. As I did speedtest and set the server location to France, I get 71/75 ms?

Please help!


Thanks in advance 



The most thing I'm confused of, around 4 months or so, I used to get stable 82/84 ms, and never received high dosage amount of choke, lag and ping?

That time I used to get ADSL, now moved to fiber optic and connected to an ethernet, and I just received a big amount of ping from 82 to 95 to 100 or sometimes 300 ms, which isnt stable at all, I've tried updating my drivers, used WTFast, tried tweaking my settings, disabled my auto update in windows 10, any help would've be really a big help for me, thanks in advanced..

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