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LGO's Trip around Europe is a near-12 hour in real life convoy, organised by MattTM of LGO Logistics. The convoy will travel through all of Europe, including some routes requiring DLC, and some not. The convoy will be piloted by the Convoy Security Group, with over 3 years of experience piloting large events and convoy's. We also hope to obtain a private server, and we have booked Game Admin's to ensure a smooth, and troll free running convoy. Everyone is welcome, from individual drivers to VTC's.


LGO Logistics are an English VTC, with over 40 members from all over the globe, running 4 weekly convoy's, and a staff team with experience of organising, and running large events and convoy's.



-> Server: TBC
-> Start Location: Dover, Sea Port

-> Final Destination: Calais, Sea Port

-> Date: Saturday 2nd June

-> Departure: 13:00 GMT (

-> Event Staff will be present at 12:30 (GMT) onwards



Route 1:

Start Time: 1pm GMT

End Time: 2.30pm GMT

Origin: Dover, Sea Port

Destination: Grimsby, Sea Port

Route Map:

No DLC required


Route 2:

Start Time: 2.45pm GMT

End Time: 3.55pm GMT

Origin: Esbjerg, Sea Port

Destination: Nynashamn (near Stockholm), Sea Port

Route Map:

DLC: Scandinavia


Route 3:

Start Time: 4.15pm GMT

End Time: 6.05pm GMT

Origin: Gdansk, Sea Port

Destination: Bratislava, WGCC

Route Map:

DLC: Going East


Route 4:

Start Time: 6.15pm GMT

End Time: 7.25pm GMT

Origin: Bratislava, WGCC

Destination: Venezia, LKW

Route Map:

No DLC Required


Route 5:

Start Time: 7.45pm GMT

End Time: 9.15pm GMT

Origin: Venezia, LKW

Destination: Torino, eAcres

Route Map:

DLC: Italia


Route 6:

Start Time: 9.30pm GMT

End Time: 0.30am GMT

Origin: Torino, eAcres

Destination: Calais, Sea Port

Route Map:

DLC: Vive La France



⚠  Follow all TruckersMP rules, speed limits and stop at lights appropriately

⚠  No overtaking

⚠  Ensure you leave enough space between yourself and the truck in front of you

⚠  Listen to Event/LGO Staff, ConSecGroup pilots and of course; Game Admins

⚠  You must have a truck and trailer except ConSecGroup Pilots, LGO Staff or Game Admins

⚠  You must not attempt to impersonate any Event Staff

⚠  No spamming of horns, beacons and chat

⚠  No ramming

⚠  No trolling

⚠  No dangerous/wreckless driving

⚠ Drive on the correct side of the road

⚠ You must stay single file

⚠  If you would like to advertise your VTC, please contact MattTM or Rootyyy

⚠  If you have any questions, please contact MattTM or Rootyyy on Discord


LGO Logistics VTC's Website:

ConSecGroup's Website:

Convoy Route Maps:

MattTM's Steam Link:

Rootyyy's (LGO Founder) Steam Link:


Convoy Security Group

"Convoy Security Group is a professional convoy control team that has been operating in the TruckersMP community for over 3 years. We have a dedicated team of roughly 40 convoy controllers from all around the globe providing convoy assistance all throughout the week on both ETS2 and ATS. Our trained team of drivers contribute significantly to the efficiency and safety of your convoy. As well as pilots we have a group of highly trained response units to respond to any incident that threatens the convoy's safe passage, from anything as small as a broken down truck to a major accident.


Find out more here:


Or to book us for an event send us a message on Facebook:

Follow us on Instagram @convoysecuritygroup"


If you, and/or your VTC are interested in attending please sign up to the ETS2C, to help us gain a private server!



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