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Show old nicknames in player search

FoxtroT [MG]

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This idea sounds very good to me, as it is true that many players change their name to avoid punishments, although I think that the staff is already able to see that, like a name change log, so maybe it isn't needed to show it to all players.

If this would be easily changeable for the devs, it would be great to have that.


Cheers :P 

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It's a nice suggestion, well some people change profile name to escape punishment. but to be honest searching profile id is better than searching name. If someone breaks rule always do pinfo id , if he does f7+enter or quit game then you can always see his name in tab history for 60 seconds.  Members can't change profile id.  Some members use different names based on their own languages, Its difficult to search their names.like i have seen some members names (???????????). :( also please look at below guide here it explains how to find members profile id in game logs.:)


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Guest Frosty.
On 1-3-2018 at 6:04 PM, [GROFR] FoxtroT 177BR said:

Suggestion Name: Search by old nicknames

Suggestion Description:  Old nicknames of this player

Any example images: None.

Why should it be added?: Many players change their names in the forum to escape some punishments. This can be solved if it is added to search mode, a way to find players by old names.


Definitely a good suggestion, would love to see it. +1

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Guest GoodByeTruckers

+1 most of the players don't want to use logs due to bad pc also special characters should be forbidden to use like this "σzɢυя" 

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Guest [ VNS ] (^_^) MINH PHAT
On 2/3/2018 at 12:04 AM, [GROFR] FoxtroT 177BR said:

Tên Đề xuất: Tìm kiếm theo biệt danh cũ

Mô tả Đề xuất:  Biệt hiệu cũ của trình phát này

Bất kỳ hình ảnh ví dụ: Không có.

Tại sao nó nên được thêm vào ?:  Nhiều người chơi thay đổi tên của họ trong diễn đàn để thoát khỏi một số hình phạt. Điều này có thể được giải quyết nếu nó được thêm vào chế độ tìm kiếm, một cách để tìm cầu thủ theo tên cũ.

That idea is very good +1


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