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Lag when players are close by



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Hello. Welcome to TMP forum :)

Follow these guides:

  • Try to avoid busy areas like Duisburg, Calais or CD Road.
  • Play the game on low quality 
  • Always keep your system up to date.
  • Replace the graphics card if necessary.
  • Try reinstalling the game.
  • Turn off unnecessary features in the graphics settings.
  • Move away from crowded areas.
  • Update your graphic card driver.

AMD:     http://support.amd.com/en-us/download

NVIDIA: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx

  • Pull down your graphics settings.
  • You maybe need a new profile,delete old and get a new one.
  • Reinstall the mod and make sure that you put correct in directory. (\Steam\SteamApps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2)
  • Don't use unsupported mods.Also too many mods can cause your game to crash.You can find supported and allowed mod from here.
  • Delete file Documents/ETSMP (Please before deleting,backup this file)
  • That's may be caused by missing game file.Go to Steam Library / Right click Euro Truck Simulator 2 / Properties / Local Files / Verify Integrity of Game Files.
  • Make sure you have the latest .Net Framework (4.7) & DirectX & Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 and use CCleaner to remove temporary files and obsolete registry paths.

  • If it didn't work,don't hesitate send support ticket. https://support.truckersmp.com/ 
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Dear @(Jamaican) berry876;


  • Upgrade your connection speed through your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Often ISP's will offer several different connection speeds for different prices. A higher connection speed will allow you to send and receive data faster and lower your ping. You can also switch to a different ISP that offers higher speeds.
  • Use a free online bandwidth testing tool such as BandwidthPlace to ensure you are receiving the speed promised by your ISP. If you are not receiving the advertised speed, let your ISP know and they will attempt to optimize your internet speed. Use a wired internet connection instead of a wireless connection or router. A fixed line connection allows for a more stable flow of data and will lead to lower ping and smoother game play. Additionally, a wired connection avoids the possibility of other computers simultaneously using the internet and using up bandwidth.
  • Disable any firewalls, such as ZoneAlarm, Norton, and McAfee. Although this step may expose your computer to temporary risks, many firewalls substantially slow down internet connection speed. Disabling firewalls that directly monitor web traffic will lower your ping.
  • Exit any applications that may be using up bandwidth. Heavy bandwidth users include applications or browsers that are downloading music, video or other files. Light bandwidth users include chat programs, open browsers and any other application that uses the internet in any way.
  • Adjust in-game settings to make sure that there is no default bandwidth cap. This depends on each individual game. The best strategy is to use Google to search for the name of the game you are playing together with the term "bandwidth cap" and browse the results.

Hope it helps!


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