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New Police design (Europe)

LSPD Gamer

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Good idea, I liked it. Really the skins of the GMs are annoying because it is used the same skin for years.

Having paint projects like this however with variety for the GMs would be cool and would give a differentiated in the game.



Greetings, my name is Jean Moraes :) 



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Really minor aesthetic case for me. But if the majority is able to get the vote for this, well then thanks. But no biggie. 

So -1 as I'd rather the focus be on trucks, or truck related issues which the base game supposedly only provides. 

 Ex - GM & FM (S.E.A)

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I think blue color palette would be better suited for GMs tools of trade (police car)


I don't care which country design as long as is clearly visible from far and easily distinguishable.


The proposed car doesn't seem visible from a far that its police car and seem harder to notice then

current skin.


I like trucker logo though, that would be nice touch. Reminds me on across the pond cars with protect and serve slogans.

Should be positioned accordingly in my opinion. That is on the second door.


Looking back at color palette this could work but orange color should be reflective as in Belgian example. Until that is achieved

I think there are better designs out there.

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