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LGO Logistics VTC | Delivering what others can't

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Who are we?

LGO Logistics is a VTC started by three friends - the founders. Our first names make up the name LGO. We now have over 30 drivers! We are a convoy based

VTC, running 4 weekly convoys, mainly pioted by the Convoy Security Group (ConSec), meaning all our convoy are troll free and run smoothy. When we are not

on convoys, we also attend plenty of large events such as Truckfests, or Community Convoy's. We also have a unique ranking system in our VTC - this allows

members who contribute to our community (such as media / content creators, recruiters and translators) to be recognised by the VTC for their hard work, and

allows drivers to go through the ranks, gaining more power in the VTC on the way. We also have a Discord community, meaning even if we aren't in a convoy,

there are still people online to play with!




Our Fleet



All of our drivers wear our livery, in our trademark green, light and dark blue colours. All of our drivers use our custom numberplates - based off the format of real

English numberplates with LGO at the end. All our drivers use the tag corresponding to their rank (see above).


What we offer:

- A professional VTC experience

- Weekly, troll free convoys piloted by ConSec

- A unique ranking system allowing members to level up through the VTC

- Opportunities to attend large trucking events with the VTC, in our smart livery


Joining Requirements:

- 50 hours in ETS2

- No ban history for the last 3 months

- Be able to change your numberplate in World Of Trucks (WoT)

- Own / know how to use Discord


If you are interested in joining, please visit https://lgologisticsvtc.wixsite.com/fleet/become-a-member

Any questions, please contact me through the forums or on discord: rootyyy#4938

Our e-mail: [email protected]






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