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TMPBot - The lightweight discord statistics bot

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Click the Discord logo to invite the bot! 


Introducing TMPBot, the lightweight Discord bot that allows you to view real-time statistic of the TruckersMP servers & player statistics.


TMPBot provides the core functionality of the TruckersMP API to discord. All lookups from https://stats.truckersmp.com/api are currently integrated. 



All commands use the "-" prefix!


So what can I do with this bot you may ask? TMPBot only has 4 commands. Descriptions of them can be found below:



  Provides you information about all the current TruckersMP servers. 

Currently provides:

• ID

• Name/Shortname

• If server Online

• Online Player Count

• Players In Queue

• Max Players

• Cars True/False



-Stats [ID]

Lookup a player's TruckersMP Statistics. You can either use a Steam 64 or TruckersMP ID.

Currently Provides:

• Steam 64 ID

• TruckersMP ID

•  Username

• Join Date

• Rank


-Bans [TMPID]

Lookup a players most recent punishment. Please use their TruckersMP ID, you can find this with -stats.

Currently Provides:

• Punishment Active - True/False

• Time Added

• Expiration Date

• Banning Admin

• Ban Reason



Provides you with the current supported game patch.

Currently Provides:

• ETS Supported Game Patch

• ATS Supported Game Patch



Prints the current game time



Get a list of commands.




If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Screenshots can be found in the spoiler below.





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Reserved for updates:



  • Moved to my new upgraded server in New York.
  • Fixed an issue with the bans command.
  • Bans and Stats command now return errors if the ID is invalid rather than sending no message.
  • Server status command is now in order (EU, EU 2, EU 3, etc, etc) to make messages cleaner.


  • Added -help
  • User avatar is now displayed on the stats command.
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Guest Froncy

I added it to my personal server.It's working fine but need more developing.Thanks! ^_^

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Hello, Kubuntu! Thanks for the great bot you provided.
However, it doesn't work as expected (-ServerStatus command does it wrong, -ServerVersion shows wrong information, -GameTime shows time in raw format, which is hard to consume by any of fellow truckers). Also, this topic has lack of updates since August 2018. So, tool topic will be archived. Fell free to contact me if you have any questions.

// Archived.

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