The best truck for a veteran driver?

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7 hours ago, Arlin [FR] said:



I think Scania and DAF are the best trucks. Oldier Scania and DAF have a Tuning Pack DLC, so beautiful :wub:.

Don't you like this ?




M y first DAF looked like that aha

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ive drove over 2 million miles on ets2 the best truck in the game is Daf 105 or euro6  they both handle well at high or low speeds & are more than capable ov pulling any wieght put on there back if u use 750hp mod  i highly recomend to any player

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Honestly, it’s down to player preference. For me, I can’t stand the Mercedes trucks, the old truck handles weird with heavy loads and has a tiny fuel tank and the new truck has the most annoying dashboard to try and see speeds on unless you drive LHD. Plus the Ivecos have the same issue, either the Dashboard sucks for seeing any information on it or the fuel tank can barely do one trip without running low.


In in terms of good handling with different chassis and loads, my favourites are any scania model, the E6 DAF and the MAN TGX. 


For speed, Any scania or Volvo works. 


For customisation, both DAFs and all Scanias look good. 


For me, I prefer the DAF E6 because it’s sounds good, it handles well at speed, can haul anything you throw at it and it has some interesting customisation options, especially with the DLC addons, same goes for the Scanias, the only thing you sacrifice with the Scanias is fuel capacity, if I remember correctly, the DAF E6 has a 800l tank on a midlift or 6x4 chassis, whereas the Scanias have 680l tanks on the same chassis. But again, it’s down to operators choice as to what is the best style to go for.

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On 24/01/2018 at 8:29 AM, the_bolt1 said:



Being a veteran driver I should had managed to get the best truck for myself, however I'm confused! So here I am asking for your advices.


My requirements:

1. Good handling at high speed and corners

2. Must be customize friendly, meaning it shouldn't look ugly after customizing


I currently have a newgen Scania S

when I put the air horn on the top of roof on my truck, it expands itself so much that it looks ugly therefore I cannot add loud horns, it must not be a problem with the truck you're suggesting me.


For a veteran trucker any truck serves. ;)

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