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Instructions (guide) open Italia DLC Achievements

Message added by Phon,

This guide is outdated and may not contain updated, recent information. No support is provided for this guide, follow at your own risk.

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To get this achivement, you need to explore every city in map Italia.

There are 23 city:

  • Milano
  • Verona
  • Venezia
  • Torino
  • Bari
  • Termi
  • Ancona
  • Livorno
  • Parma
  • Genova
  • Bologna
  • Suzzara
  • Napoli
  • Cassino
  • Taranto
  • Catania
  • Villa San Giovanni
  • Palermo
  • Roma
  • Firenze
  • Pescara
  • Messina
  • Catanzaro



True Sicilian


To get this achivement, you must buy garage in:

  • Messina
  • Palermo
  • Catania

On Sicily island (Sicilian city)





To get this achivement you need to deliver one cargo to every Shipyard in map Italia (Shipyards are called Cantiere Navale). And they are in Ancona and Messina.



Mind the Lava 


To get this achivement, you need to visit Etna located on the Sicily north to Catania and Vesuvius volcano located near (south of) the Napoli.


Vesuvius South of Napoli








Many Roads Lead to Rome


To get this achivement, you must enter to Rome (Roma) by every highway leading to this city.





To get this achivement, you need to take a mission from Carrara's (in freight market it's marked as Livorno) quarry. This location is not marked on the map but take the road between Firenze and Genova (A12/A11) take a right at the Tollgate and there you will see one company called Marmo SpATake a delivery from them.


Here's the picture:



This guide will help you open achivements in ETS2 !  If it helped you, reacted to my post. Thank you very much !!!









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  • Community Manager

Hello there @[ETS2MCG] Kien Giang


Some of the images on this guide are no longer viewable, therefore this guide is currently marked as outdated.


Please would you be able to update these broken images so that this guide is up to date again? Additionally, I do not know if more achievements have been added since this guide was made. If so, please can these be added too.


If you are not able to update your guide in the next week or so, I may have to archive it or formally mark it as outdated.


- Phon

TruckersMP Community Manager

Community Manager


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