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TruckersMP Long Box MP Trailer


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Add a TruckersMP long box trailer to the ATS MP servers?


Suggestion Name: TruckersMp Standalone SCS long Box Trailer
Suggestion Description: TruckersMp Standalone SCS Long Box Trailer for ATS MP Servers
Any example images: See Below
Why should it be added?: It'd allow multiple users to enjoy hauling w/ TrucksMP Logo... And its free advertisng for TruckersMP in members Live streams.

Steam Workshop: Link





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Guest Anriandor

This is likely not going to be done any time soon, especially not for ATS only, however, it could happen.


//Moved to Vehicles.

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Guest Wheezy



After careful consideration, we have decided to not implement this suggestion at the moment. We feel that this is not a priority at the moment and we also feel that there is not enough demand for this to be added.


I hope you take this decision on board. Feel free to suggest it in the later future but at the moment, it is a no. 



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