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Volvo FH V8 doesn`t appear in TruckersMP shop



Hello! So, I played singleplayer for a while and I saw that in Volvo dealer shop there is a cool truck Volvo FH V8 (I`ll put some pictures too), but now I play Multiplayer and when I wanted to buy that truck I didn`t found it on Volvo dealer shop. However, I saw that truck at some players, and I really want to know how can I get that truck, I really want it.
Thank you for your time, and please check the pictures so you`ll know what truck am I talking about.

Have a nice day y`all!


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56 minutes ago, Trucker Dashcam // Sweden said:

there is no such thing as volvo v8 but you are talking about the volvo 8x4 and it is under chassi at the very bottom when you choose the chassi on the volvo fh

Thanks! I`m a noob in ets. Sorry for this, but I finally found it.
Thank you everyone for your time and for your help, really appreciate!

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