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Advanced GPS Icons


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On 4/1/2018 at 16:49, KacaKTV said:

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Todos parecen un punto en el GPS, creo que es hora de que esos iconos cambien. Con la llegada de los nuevos íconos, el juego será mejor y más comprensible. En lugar de esos "iconos de puntos", deben agregarse iconos realistas.

Por ejemplo, si alguien conduce un skoda, debería haber un icono de skoda en el GPS o si conduce un camión, debería haber un icono de camión en el GPS. Se puede desarrollar aún más agregando un camión con el ícono del remolque en el GPS si también tienen un remolque. Si pregunta por qué necesitamos esto, cuando adelantamos a un vehículo o cuando simplemente conducimos en nuestro camino, no podemos entender por parte de los gps si se cruzan o van delante de nosotros. Pero a favor de los íconos avanzados, podremos ver en qué dirección se ve la nariz del camión o entender si se trata de un camión o un skoda, por lo que será una conducción más cómoda y garantizada. Esta opción será seleccionable y, si lo desea, podrá usar íconos GPS antiguos.


Cualquier imagen de ejemplo: 

Iconos GPS predeterminados


Iconos avanzados de GPS

(Hice imágenes en gran tamaño para que los iconos sean más comprensibles)



¿Por qué debería agregarse ?:

Para ser más comprensible


Gracias por leer.



The idea is pretty cool, although the fusion that it would have in very crowded places like the Train would be a mix of 800 icons hahaha, but still very good, I support it!

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How is this needed? We already have blips for players which is more than enough. It won't make any difference to have a custom blip for the Skoda, if you hate it so much, make a suggestion that it should be limited or removed, this way we rid ourselves of the Skoda reckless drivers.


Either way, the GPS is used for directions. The addition of blips that we currently have is a generous subtle touch to alert us of the presence of players in the proximity so we don't make a mess crashing into each other at every other turn and corner even though we should use our mirrors and instinct rather than the GPS. 


Don't ruin it.

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This seems like a nice suggestion but I see this looking fairly messy on populated roads. If anything, I'd like the icons to be a triangle so you are able to see which direction they are heading, like @Niuro_BG has stated in their comment. Also, am not developer but I can see this clogging up the system as it needs to work out which players are in cars and which trucks have trailers or not, but just having it as a simple triangle would be much more simpler and way more useful. However, I don't feel this is a huge priority at the moment because you should always check your surrounds and your mirrors if a player is approaching from either direction. As I said previously; this does sound like a nice suggestion but I'd just prefer it to be a triangle that way I know for sure which way the player is heading, however, if in populated areas (e.g. Duisburg) I will obviously still be checking my mirrors and surroundings as it would get pretty hard telling where they are heading on the GPS due to there being so many players in that area.

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A feature like this would make the GPS so full, you wouldn't even be able to tell what is what and where it's going. We already know that if we implement this, people will also want to be able to see what way they're turning, etcetera. That is not something we want to have.



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