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Try all of these


1. Do a dns flush, Clicky here on how to do that

2. Clear your PC's temp files with Clean Master for PC

3. Open up your Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del on keyboard and see if there are some updating services running in the background processes , Example: Adobe IPC Broker service,or any form of updater service which updates softwares you use in the background. If you dont know if there are any running provide a screenshot and i will guide you furthur on.)

4. Do a Disk Cleanup of C: drive Clicky here on how to do that  , P.S The top right corner where it says Windows 8.1/Windows RT 8.1 , Click drop down arrow and select your version of windows 7/8/10)

5. Disable any unwanted programs you dont want running and hogging internet. Clicky here on how to do that.  .


Id bet on my listed methods to have a ping reduction by a few ms.

If all else fails make a support ticket.




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Hai there,


This could be as a result of many issues:

  1. A lacking internet connection.
  2. Too many devices on the network which is slowing your connection, thus increasing ping.
  3. Issues with your router etc..

I recommend you check your internet connection, disconnect any other devices connected to it, and see if your ping is the same. Additionally, your ping might vary depending on what server you play on, so take this into consideration as well.

In addition, taking a look at the following topic may help:

Hope this helped.

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4 hours ago, MihneaBoss said:

i think thats the server problem not my internet

I don't have any problems!


Did you try the solutions above?


This works for me every times:

-> Try to restart your computer

-> Try to restart your router

-> Check your connection



Also you can make a speedtest! -> speedtest.net

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You mention the ping has gone from "70" to "130", I presume this is in milliseconds (ping is measured in ms). The only thing is, 70 to 130 milliseconds in reality isn't a lot, yes if we're being technically correct every 'ms' makes a difference but you shouldn't really notice a great deal between those two. Your latency/ping will increase in more heavily populated areas as more data is being processed by your internet connection, hence why you had a higher ping at an area with a road-block however I wouldn't have thought you'd be experiencing any lag apart from maybe your computer being a limiting factor.


Keep an eye on it, it shouldn't be a problem unless it kicks you automatically from the game. You haven't mentioned you've had this so I'd imagine you're just commenting on something you've noticed while playing.

Kind regards,




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Hi @MihneaBoss

  • Clear your PC's temp with that.
  • I recommend that you reset your modem at frequent intervals.This will make it better.
  • May be related to where you live.Click here to test your internet speed.Don't forget to share the results with us.
  • Try playing with different servers.
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Hi @MihneaBoss
Step 1
 Press windows key and key at the same time. Then click at Command Prompt.
Step 2
Type ipconfig /release at the Command Prompt window, press Enter, it will release the current IP configuration.
Step 3
Type ipconfig /renew at the Command Prompt window, wait for a while, the DHCP server will assign a new IP address for your computer.
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