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ATS Gift Loads



Looked in the forums and couldn't find any other issues. I have ETS2 and American Truck simulator and the ATS doesn't have the Christmas Gifts for the loads. The ETS2 has the gifts and also the information at the top of the screen while in pause to see how many i've delivered. Is there an update coming? Or am I doing something wrong? I would like to do 12 deliverys on both ATS and ETS2. Thank you!

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Dear @Code89


Please be aware if you would like to complete the ATS World of Trucks event, you need to complete it in single player with the latest game version. So if your trying to see "gifts" in ATS online you simply won't see any because online version currently is for incompatible mods.


Please be sure to read the entire details for this holiday event.





Best of luck and happy holidays.


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