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Europe 4 no lights

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4 hours ago, megadethsteve666 said:

Exactly, it’s like a knee jerk reaction, you seem something appear in front of you, most people will either slam the brakes or swerve to avoid which can cause a wreck.

Well I still sometimes driving on the highway of #EU2 (or any other server) when see someone appear in front of me, out of nowhere just joining the server in the middle of the highway stopped in the middle of the road /not in the emergency lane/ I'm like "FFS, jump on the brakes or try to avoid him by steering left/right" :rolleyes::lol: Ofc. sometimes I remember that there's now "Ghost driving" and I can't really ram them for the next 20 sec. I think .. and I just drive over them, haha.  But still.. I have situation when i'm like "too much into the game" and its like.. as u said reaction ..u just do it,  not having time to think about it.

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