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What is the use of the ingame report system?

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I have noticed that in the ingame report system there is a red warning, that gameplay will be shared with the moderators.
However just now I was rammed off the road, by someone on purpose.
But the ingame report was dismissed...

So my question is: How do I use the ingame report system on the best way?

I saw on Twitch that a admin clicks on the report and then follows that person around. To see if something happens.
If this is still the case that the ingame mods, cannot look back what happened. Then I know I do not have to press report, and just use the website's report system.
And use it if someone is trolling around.

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Guest ChrisPatrol

Hi there,


We receive a large volume of reports a day on Server EU2 alone. After 10 minutes reports are auto deleted, so the message you are seeing saying no action was taken would more likely mean that your report was auto deleted by the system.

Unfortunately this means that quite a lot of reports go unseen. We are currently looking at making further improvements to our report system, however that will take some time. Please remember all our staff are volunteers from our development staff to our support staff. No-one here is paid, we do what we can in our spare time and therefore end up putting as much or little time from day to day.


Thank you for providing feedback, we realize this is an issue that we need to look into.


For now, I would recommend using the report system found here: 



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