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Hi @Mlsje_X

You should be patient with this.Staff will take a break also 5 days isnt much time.I remember waiting for two weeks.Be sure to check your report as soon as possible ^_^

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Hello @Mlsje_X 


Managers have private lives, you need to consider, it may take a very long time to look at reports. we need to be patient. No one can be 24/7 online! All of them have privat lifes! They do the best they can!

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Hey! :)

Please read these topics: They may be very interesting for you!



Not active at the moment!

-> "My report has not been checked for a long time"


All in one:

You must be patient!

The (trial) admins are humans, too (As you can see in the first topic!). They try the best! :) 

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Please be aware that TruckersMP Staff have to attend various amounts of duties.

We would like to respond to everyone straight away, but it’s just not possible.


We do recieve a lot of reports and therefor, they all need to be dealt with accordingly.

If you would like to submit a feedback form, then feel free to do so.



//Topic Solved.

//Locked and moved to Solved Topics.


Best Regards,

TruckersMP Support


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