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Good day, I have a problem with this vote. I do not have any problems with single player, but in multi-player the profile selection does not rotate the mouse in place. I do not use any mode. Could you help?

İyi günler, benim bu oyunda bir sorunum var. Tek oyunculuda hiç bir sorunum yok ama Çok oyunculuda profil seçmede  fare dönmüyor. Herhangİ bir mod kullanmıyorum. Yardımcı olur musunuz?

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Hello Friend! ;)


Do you already checked your Ets2 game Files for some errors?

Should Steam find nothing, please try this Steps:


  • Search into your System for the Name -> regedit
  • Search into regedit for the Names -> Truckers.MP and ETS2MP
  • Delete all Files what you can find
  • Install the Launcher new
  • Run the launcher with -> Admin and Directx

Hope this will help you with your Problem. ;)



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