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Custom Messages for Chat Box


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Suggestion Name: Custom Messages for Chat Box 

Suggestion Description: custom messages like "Thank You", "You are welcome", "You can go first", or even better, can you give us the ability to create our own messages and call them using an assigned button?

Any example images: N/A.

Why should it be added?: I don't like thanking people with a horn much, and sometimes when driving in a crowdy area it is hard to open the chat box because i might crash. (I use a driving wheel)


(I apologize for not noticing the format notice when i first posted this thread)

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Hello Please follow the suggestion Format and also keep it to one suggestion per post or it will be rejected



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Suggestion Name: Add non collision zones within delivery depots
Suggestion Description: At the moment there is collision zones around the entire map, it would benefit everyone if there were non collision zones within the delivery depots and dropoff points.
Any example images: Nope.
Why should it be added?: It'd allow multiple users to deliver at the same time.

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Is and is not a good idea, it is good because it does not take away your attention while driving to type in the chat and a negative point is that the people of the vtc will chat much with this and it is kind of annoying

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Quite like the idea of some sort of 'hotkey' or easy click tool that sends a quick response saving you having to type it, especially when it's something simple like 'Thank you'. The amount of times it'll be used is probably negotiable though and a poll would ideally have to be run with the community to see if it's something they'd generally want. I can see the benefits but whether it's useful enough to be added to the game and the argument over what should be on there as 'you can go first' being on a hotkey could cause issues with traffic flow and misunderstandings.

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