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TruckersMP Update Repeating



Hello Everyone. Sorry For Bothering Everytime.


i've been trying to play truckersmp the whole day and i kept getting different kinds of errors the whole time and it's starting to make me mad now.


here is the error i have now - 


I Reinstalled TruckersMP And This Happened.


It Said I Need To Click " Install Available Updates " System And ETS 2 Is Checked With A Mark


So I Click It Then It's Downloading The Updates For TruckersMP 56 Files.


When That's Done It Said Again " Install Available Updates " 


so i clicked that and then it's downloading 4 Files.


Now Everytime When I Click "Install Available Updates" For Those 4 Files. It Keeps Failing. ( Failing I Mean By It's Downloading But Keeps Saying " Install Available Updates" After I Did Already.... )



So Now Im Stuck On Infinite Downloading Those 4 Files Over And Over Again


i did reinstall Truckersmp I did reinstall ets 2 i did everything i could. 


please help me i will greatly appreciate it 


Thank You


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Hello @Spoopanoob

Many people by using a VPN solves this problem.

  • Enable the VPN (Download and install any VPN.)
  • The launcher run as administrator.
  • Install available downloads.
  • Disable VPN.
  • "Launch ETS2" click on the button.

Have fun : )

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