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Additional Customisation Mod - (Successor to "Ultimate MP Truck Customisation")

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Additional Customisation

By Forerunner





This is a mod/tool that allows people with little or no save editing experience to create trucks with the same level of customisation that
save editing usually offers, it is also easier and quicker than making a customised truck by save editing.


This mod allows you to create a modified or hybrid truck in-game and then go into multiplayer without the need for a converter.
Since this mod does not need a converter, editing existing trucks is as simple as activate the mod and go to the upgrade shop.



This mod only allows for certain hybrid combinations to be created, to ensure that they do not increase the hitbox.

I, Forerunner, am not responsible for anything that happens while using this mod or a truck from this mod; this includes bans from TruckersMP or game crashes in singleplayer.

Always follow the rules outlined here when making a truck with this mod:


-Parts from all base game trucks, available on all base game trucks

- Light customisation mod which follows the latest save editing rules

- Sounds are linked to the engine, so a Scania engine will give a Scania sound

- Able to upgrade a pre-existing truck, either stock or modified

- Compatible with paintjob DLCs, however you cannot use DLC paints from other trucks

- ! In Progress ! Support for Mighty Griffin and Daf Tuning parts


















How To Use (Must read, please don't say it doesn't work before reading this):




1. Open Singleplayer and activate the mod

2. Go to either a truck dealer or an upgrade shop if you want to edit an existing truck

3. Go to the standard customisation menu

4. Select the accessory highlighted here (it will be in the centre):


4.1: If you are using the Next Generation Scania trucks, the accessory point will be here:


5. Use the search bar to find a part you want, or scroll through (there are over 1,200 per truck):


6. Select the part you want, the part will be applied but the price will be extremely high:


7. Remove the part you selected as shown:


8. The truck will keep the changes, but remove the high cost:


9. Repeat steps 4 through 9 to add other parts, you don't need to remove the part each time, just select another.

10. Purchase upgrades and/or truck as usual

11. Close Singleplayer and open Multiplayer

12. Press "Continue" when warned about missing mods

13. You can now use your new truck(s) is ETS2MP



Download (1.1.0 - Supports 1.28):

Full Mod Download: Here


Download (1.2.0 Beta - Supports 1.30):

Beta Mod Download: Here


Beta changelog:


1.2.0 (initial beta release):


-Updated manifest to be compatible with ETS2 1.30

-Added compatibility for Next Generation Scania S

-Added compatibility for Next Generation Scania R

-Added transmissions to cross-truck part options

-Sounds are no longer controlled by the engine

-Added sounds to cross-truck part options


Known issues:

-"Classic" Scania lower grills cannot be selected

-Trucks cannot have their own sounds re-applied


File count: 28,100






Q: Why is this better than Ultimate MP Truck Customisation?

A: It supports more DLC, does not require converters and doesn't make all trucks say "Volvo FH"


Q: Why are the parts so expensive?

A: The parts are meant to be removed before going into MP, even though they wont cause issues its best to remove them,
the price means that even most modded accounts can't afford to not remove them.


Q: How many files are used to make this?

A: For base-game only, 18,033


Q: Why is this not called Ultimate MP Truck Customisation?

A: "Additional Customisation" was a mod I released months before Ultimate, this is essentially an evolution of the original,
and to avoid confusion.


Q: Can you add sideskirts to the 6x4 <truck here>?

A: No, the models would need to be edited which won't work with MP.


Q: Can you add company logos?

A: No, would need a custom skin which won't work in MP.



Final words:

Please give feedback as its the only way the mod will improve.

Thanks to @The Imaginative Lad for helping with testing and screenshots.

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Just a question, if you make a custom truck of yourself..would everyone else be able to see it in the way of how it looks like hybrid or you only can see it customized?

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Didn't understood that I had to highlight that accessory. Works perfectly as expected now, thx :)

(Can't wait for Tuning DLCs support !)


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really the mod is working perfectly

I'm using this at the same time and managed to draw some conclusions, careful when modifying in your Multiplayer truck, your game will fail!

Choose the right accessories, if you do not make the truck you will get very strange pieces! xD

and of course, impress your friends with unique customizations!





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