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TruckersMP Annual Community Awards 2017


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2017 Annual Community Awards are here!

That's right, once again for the third year running you get to vote for your favorite Staff Members, VTC's, Events, Projects and Tools


Get Your Nominations Submitted Here




What is it?

The TruckersMP Annual Community Awards nominations happen towards the end of each year. Usually with the awards being given at the end of the year. The 2017 awards will be given in January 2018. This year will be the 3rd year to have your chance to nominate the best of the best, and to make sure the hardest working and greatest contributors, get the recognition they deserve.


Is it Fair Play?

To keep things fair, the TMP ACA's are run independently as part of the TruckersMP Record Books and Virtual Trucking Association. The awards are completely unbiased and are not associated with any VTC, Community Group or TruckersMP itself.

Votes are 100% community opinion and we encourage you to make your own decisions when making nominations, don't just follow the crowd.


How does it work?

Moving through this form, you will be directed to a number of sections where you will be able to make your nominations on a number of topics, from TruckersMP staff, to best VTC and events. When votes close, the information is collected and the results finalized.


Why are new staff not listed? 

Staff that join the TruckersMP staff after the release date of the nominations form (03/11/2017) will not be added.


When does Voting Close?

24th December 2017


When will the results be released?

January 2018



Now that you know what its all about, what are you waiting for? Click the link at the top of the post, and get voting!




TruckersMP Annual Community Awards are part of the TruckersMP Record Books, this year sponsored by the Virtual Trucking Association

Planned and organised by TruckersMP Record Books


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