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Picture of the Month: October (Winners)

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Hello Truckers!


It's the moment you have all been waiting for... The Results are in!


Thank you everyone who entered into the competition, there were some amazing photos however I can only narrow them down to 3 and here they are:


1st Place: @iHobbit



2nd Place: @D_D_181



3rd Place: @Mirko9 I FME



Congratulations to you 3 winners and thank you everyone who participated. Good Luck for Next Time!


November's Edition of Picture of the Month is now open




TruckersMP Media Team

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Kind Regards,


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Congrats @iHobbit; @D_D_181 & @Mirko9 I FME ^_^ 

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Congratulations to all, shame about the mixture of 5/6 series on the scania :( 



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Well done to everyone who entered. Im so surprised that I won looking at the other competition. You all deserve a pat on the back!:D

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