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Video recording on ban



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By ‘request a ban’, I’m assuming that you mean report. 


If your report gets declined, your evidence shouldn’t need to stay online. However, check the perpetrator’s TruckersMP profile to see if they’ve already got an active ban and if your evidence was added to it.

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I assume that when you say 'request a ban’ your referring to web reports.


It depends really why your report was declined: the admin who deals with your report will leave a reason when he/she declines it, stating the reason why; sometimes this will be because the reporter has made an error, or the person that your reporting is already banned (or already banned for the offence your reporting). If your report gets declined because you've made an error (ie. Wrong ID, Insufficient evidence) then you do not need to keep the evidence, unless you make a new report with the correct information given. If your report gets declined with the reason 'User is already banned, evidence added to existing ban' or similar, then you do need to keep the evidence. So to conclude on this, I would personally keep the evidence at all times, unless your report gets declined for reporter mistake(s).


Hope this helped to clarify things for you.

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Guest Chinois&Cinesi&Kinesisk

The report is rejected, and if you think it's reasonable, you can delete your evidence (video / screenshot)

Aestrial says:  If your report gets declined with the reason 'User is already banned, evidence added to existing ban' or similar, then you do need to keep the evidence. 

^Not quite right, you can still delete evidence (video / screenshot), but that's not recommended

Players have been banned, administrators have added evidence of other users, then your evidence is added to the inside, even if you delete the evidence, the player's ban still can not be lifted

So some users want to report players, why delete the evidence, and I think it's an irresponsible act, lol

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