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Hello truckers :) 


Today I'd like to publish a little tool which I worked on the last weeks. It's called "SaveWizard", so you can guess it has something to do with save editing.


Some months ago I started save editing, and there was always one thing annoying me: It takes several minutes to browse through thousands of lines just to find one value you want to change. I was looking for a way to reduce the time which is needed for save editing, hence I developed this little tool. You don't have to edit the save game yourself anymore - it's enough to enter some commands and the SaveWizard will do it for you.


I tried to implement all features which are useful in my opinion. But of course you can make suggestions for new features at any time and I will try to add all of them - if possible.


Please note that this tool might contain some bugs. If it closes unexpectedly, stucks or your game crashes when you try to load your profile, please let me know (but it should not happen as long as you're using the tool properly). You can only recover the latest backup of your save game (will maybe be changed in future).


How to set it up

Some things you need to do before using this tool the first time.

  1. The code is written in Python, hence you have to download and install the latest version of Python 3 first from their official page.
  2. Change the save format in your config.cfg to "2" like this:9luxu1ikSfu84XaJF1qQDg.png
  3. Run ETS2, load your profile and quit the game now, find your profile's folder (the most recently changed one) and move to the save/quicksave folder.QcrncwMZTxyzQRFzcrFq8g.pngSl3LcbBWSvWZ1C3j5n5i4w.png
  4. Put in this quicksave folder: the program itself, the def folder (which is supplied with the program), the config.txt and the sii decrypter (can be downloaded by the supplied link).
  5. That's it.


How to run it

These steps have to be done every time you want to edit your save game.

  1. Quicksave your game and press alt+tab to minimize the game.
  2. Open the quicksave folder of the last editied profile folder.
  3. Drag and drop the game.sii on the decrypter.
  4. Run SaveWizard.py by double clicking on it.
  5. When you have applied the changes, go back to your game and load the last quicksave.
  6. That's it.


How to use the tool

Some instructions you need to know in order to use this tool.

  • The tool has 4 different modes: the main mode, the truck edit mode, the trailer edit mode and the extended edit mode.
  • The main mode is used to change some general things like skills, unlocking garages etc, to enter the truck/trailer edit mode and to apply/cancel changes on the save game.
  • The truck edit mode is used for changing truck parts (chassis, cabin, engine, sound, transmission, interior,...).
  • The trailer edit mode is used for changing trailer parts (color, skin, cargo) and to add slave trailers (to build doubles/triples and even road trains).
  • The extended edit mode is for the professionals. It's a kind of unit editor. The save game is built of many units. This mode is a kind of "unit browser". It allows you to select and edit the units. You can also make notes of important values that you need later, and of course you can "jump" between the single units. This modes makes anything possible which haven't been possible before. You can also create and delete units etc.
  • You're in main mode firstly. In order to enter for example the truck edit mode, type "edit truck". Type "exit" to leave it again. (Same applies for other modes)
  • If you've finished editing, you have to be in the main mode. Either type "apply" to apply the changes or type "cancel" to cancel all changes.
  • You can enter "help" in any mode to get a list of all commands that are available in this mode.
  • 9OlkzJ5aQ3aaSHwF4hOFjg.png
  • As an example you can see a list here containing all commands of the main mode.



Read this before using the tool.

  • The download link provides also a README.txt. It's called this way because you should read it. It contains advanced information of the things I've already mentioned above (for example what you should not do, how to report bugs properly and so on. 
  • The program is compatible with all DLCs, but it supports only Scandinavia, France, Italy, Going East, New Mexico and the Heavy Cargo DLC... i.e. you cannot assign paintjobs of the Schwarzmüller DLC etc.
  • In the config.txt you can select whether you own the heavy cargo DLC or not. If yes change the "0" to a "1". In the same way, you can enable the extended mode here.
  • If your game crashes when you try to load your profile, recover the backup which was estublished by SaveWizard.
  • Always load your profile after you have applied changes on your save game in order to check whether the save game works properly. If you try to edit a damaged save game by SaveWizard, your previous working backup becomes overwritten and cannot be recovered.
  • If you're backup save is also damaged, your only chance is to load previous auto saves.



Click on the following link to download the tool.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/fswvfqv2cg1ucf3/SaveWizard 1.1.rar?dl=0

The rar-archive contains:

  • SaveWizard.py
  • config.txt
  • def folder (necessary for truck and trailer edit mode)
  • A download link for the sii decrypter


If you have any questions how to make it working, if you find any bugs or if you have any suggestions how to improve the tool - post them below. Also, follow this thread because I will announce any changes/new updates.


Please note that I dropped the support of the tool due to lack of time. It won't be updated anymore and supports only the game content that was added when v1.1 was released.


Now, I hope this tool helps you - I'm looking to receiving your feedback :) 

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I know it has been a long time since I released this tool, but nevertheless I did not stop continue on coding. I had some lack of time, so I was barely able to code on, but I think I can now tell you that the next update (v. 1.1) will still be 2017 (at least I hope so).

One of the main features will be - of course - the support for ATS. Additionally, I've planned an additional feature, which I will not reveal yet. Just some hints: it's mainly used for ATS and it is not allowed in MP - however, you can still use it to do a lot of great stuff.

There are also some bad news: I will probably not have the time to concern myself with the new scania. But it will be part of the 1.3 update, I promise!



I've recognized minor changes on the save games of the 1.30 version of ETS2. However, they prevent the "claim trailer" command to work properly. I will fix that in the new update, so please don't use this command anymore 'til the release.



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No, unfortunately the configuration of roof bars or bull bars or anything related to this is not (yet) changeable. But holidays will start in some days and I’ll see how far I will continue in programming.

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awesome, cheers im using it now

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I know it lasted a pretty long time. But - from my point of view - it was definitely worth. 

Today I'm happy to announce the release of the first big update of SaveWizard. The new version is now 1.1.


Here is what is new:


Complete code rework


I went through more than 1600 lines of code and wrote almost everything new. You might ask why I took this effort. Well, the thing is... SaveWizard used to be one of my ugliest codes I ever wrote. It used only like 3 methods before - that was REALLY unefficient. After the general rework of the code, it had about 45 methods. Sounds like the code became longer - but the opposite is the case! Since methods are a pretty good way to reuse code, I saved several hundred lines of code. What does that mean for you? At the moment: nothing. But in future, I'll be able to implement certain features so much faster than before - simply because most of the needed code is already there. So here my appeal to you again: If you have wishes for any features, tell me! I will make a list and implement them next time (which will hopefully be much faster). 
This code rework was the biggest part of the work, hence I mention it firstly (and I'm also a little proud of it). 

But it comes also with some disadvantages... at some places, the program became slowlier. So sometimes it takes up to some seconds until a "difficult" command is executed. Just wait until the "Enter command" prompt appears again.


ATS Support


That really necessary. ATS is now supported - including the Heavy cargo DLC and the New Mexico DLC. And as an excuse for the long wait, there are some features for ATS, that do not work in ETS2. Just continue reading ;) 


New Config.txt file


Eww... actually I hesitated a long time before I decided to add this. It's an additional spammy file, which contains minor information. However, I think it is the best to ensure the proper work of the tool. The config includes three lines. The tool needs to know whether you own the heavy cargo DLC for ETS2 / ATS. Unfortunately, it's not possible to get that information from the save game. Hence you can enter it here in the config file: If you own the DLC, just change the value from "0" to "1".

The last line gives you the chance to enable the extended mode. More regarding this afterwards...


Auto Decrypting


Yep, you read correctly. SaveWizard does now decrypt the Savegame automatically and you can skip the drag and drop part before starting the tool. BUT KEEP IN MIND: The decrypter still has to be there in the folder. SaveWizard refers to the decrypter, so it must also have the appropriate name: "SII_Decrypt". 

Thanks to @Spieker for the idea.

This feature has another advantage: Previously, you had to look for your profile folder every time, and click like a hundred times until you found your game.sii. Then decrypting it manually and starting SaveWizard. But now you can simply make a shortcut of the SaveWizard.py file and put it on... your desktop, for example. Much easier and much faster to find and edit the savegame this way.


Unlock things faster


You want to unlock every truck dealership / recruitment agency / garage / city immediately? No problem anymore, there are new commands in the main mode which allow you to do exactly that. So you don't have to unlock the garages etc one by one anymore :) I've added this since I recently recognized a lot of players who are looking for ways to unlock all garages at the same time. I hope this makes things easier.


Bugfix of "claim trailer" command


This command did not work anymore when 1.30 was released. Now it does again, and you can "steal" the company trailers again and make them yours :P The bugfix comes with some other new commands regarding trailer ownership...


New system for trailer ownership


Trailer ownership was possible before, but there were not much possibilities, hence I've added some commands to make it easier for you to handle your trailers.

"get trailer_data": This command outputs you the specific accessories (like chassis, paintjob, cargo etc) of either one of your owned trailers or your company trailer. Pretty useful if you have very many trailers and want to find a specific one.

"change trailer": This command lets you switch your owned trailers. Please mind that it doesn't work when you still have a company trailer assigned.

"unhook trailer": Pretty easy... unhooks / unassigns one of your owned trailers. Doesn't work for company trailers.

"change company_trailer": Ok, this is a bit complicated... say you own a blue trailer, and you want to accept a job driving this trailer, but the default trailer of the job is another one. That command creates a copy of one of your owned trailers and replaces the company trailer by this copy. The copy is now the new company trailer. So if you finish the contract, the copy will disappear, but you still own the trailer you copied before (it's just like a blueprint you can use infinite times).

"create trailer": Yes, you can create your own trailer out of nothing. Just choose a brand and you may also choose a chassis in case there are several ones. This trailer will automatically be an owned trailer. You can add cargo / a paintjob afterwards in the trailer edit mode. Oh, and mind that you don't have the trailer assigned after you created it... so you need to use 'change trailer' before.

In case you want to use a command on your company trailer, but it does normally not work on a company trailer (like 'unhook trailer'), simply just claim the trailer before, then it'll work.


Improved truck edit mode


There are a few new things... a huge change is that you can now add/change/remove much more accessories than before. Basically you can use all available accessories apart from light bars, horn bars or driver plates. Those still have to be added manually or in the extended mode. Of course that is a feature that will be added later.

Also new is the 'get setup' command. It lists all accessories of your truck and shows you the data path, so you can see which accessory is used at the moment. If you have extended mode in the config.txt enabled, wheel accessories will be also shown.

The rest of the commands in this mode are pretty easy. You can either change an accessory by 'set' (for example: 'set engine'), or add an accessory by 'add' (e.g. 'add sundhield') or you can remove an accessory by 'remove' (e.g. 'remove sunshield'). Please mind that only addon accessories can be removed or added. There is also a second way to add an accessory: You use the command 'add accessory', then you choose a truck brand and you choose the accessory which you want to add from a list. Useful if you don't know the name of the accessory you want to add.


Improved trailer edit mode


The changes here are pretty similar to the changes of the truck edit mode. The 'get setup' command is also new here (basically the same like the get trailer_data command, except that command is for trailer edit mode and not for main mode). You can change your cargo mass, your trailer chassis (it has to be of the same trailer type / brand!), your trailer wheels (in case you have extended mode enabled), the paintjob and the color of the paintjob. Also you can add cargo, remove cargo and change cargo. And there is one more new thing here...


New way of editing slave trailers !!!


This belongs to the trailer edit mode. Why is it so special? You can now add slave trailers to your current trailer by 'add trailer'. In ETS2, you can build simple Scandinavian doubles this way. In ATS (AND THAT IS SPECIAL!) you can build doubles, triples, and even endless roadtrains!!! You can add as many slave trailers as your PC can handle :P.

Ok, some more words to the slave trailers... There are 4 different types: vanilla trailers, tandems, jeeps and dollies. You cannot hook up everything on everything, so it is important to know that. 
Tandems can be only used as the last slave trailer. It is not possible to use other trailers behind them. Tandems are the double trailer in ETS2 and the spreader of the Heavy Cargo DLC in ATS. Tandems can be coupled on any other trailer, even on the truck.

Vanilla trailers are also mostly the last slave trailer - but not always! The Krone Profiliner (ETS2) as well as the box & box_long trailers and the reefer trailer (ATS) can also have slave trailers behind them. They cannot be coupled on other vanilla trailers or on tandems.

Dollies can be used behind any kind of trailer (or immediately behind the truck) apart from tandems. The special thing: You can couple trailers as well as jeeps and tandems on them. Oh, and they exist only in ATS.

Jeeps can be coupled on the truck or a dolly. You can couple any trailer on a jeep (great advantage ;)).

If you want to build a double in ETS2, just use a krone profiliner trailer, and behind a tandem trailer.

If you want to build a triple (or longer) in ATS, use a trailer, then a dolly, then a trailer, then a dolly, and then a trailer. You need to use a trailer that accepts other slave trailers behind itself. You can even build longer vehicles! You can also use long trailers instead of the short ones.

If you want to build a Heavy Cargo trailer in ATS, you can use a default jeep first, then add either a trailer (for the short version), or you add another jeep: choose not the default jeep this time, but the "HC_trailer_long" jeep this time. Lastly, add a tandem (the spreader).


I know these things are a bit complicated. If you are interested in it but you didn't understand everything, just ask again. I've got one last thing for you...


New: The extended edit mode


The extended edit mode is for the professionals. The save game is built of many units. This mode is a kind of "unit browser". It allows you to select a unit and edit it. You can also make notes of important values in this unit that you need later. You can move from unit to unit by jumping. That means... if your current unit has a line "[3] assigned_trailer: _nameless 123.4567.8900", you can type the command 'jp 3' and then your new selected unit is the value of this line (so you have now a trailer selected). You can edit values of a selected unit, you can add values, remove values, add array items etc. There are also some shortcuts for special units. The command 'truck' selects auttomatically the unit of your currently assigned truck. You can also go back to the previos used selected unit (just like the 'back' button of your internet browser). Another way of browsing throug the units is to switch to the next unit in the savegame itself, or to switch to the previous unit in the save game. Lastly, you can also create new units or delete those you don't need anymore. This modes makes anything possible which haven't been possible before. It makes SaveWizard an universal editor for save games :D 


So you see know, there are so many new things... I hope you understand now, why it took so long. Hopefully you can enjoy the new features! :) 



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Guest ^^Mr.Wolf^^ ~[CZ/ENG]

Thanks for sharing....It is pretty great :)

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Guest ETS-HX<598>Twilight

It is very useful!Thanks for sharing....It is pretty great 

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