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Restrict/Blacklist Cars


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Suggestion Name: Restrict Cars On Violation

Suggestion Description: If a player has "abused", "recklessly driven", or "mis-behaved" with the cars, have an ability to restrict them from driving cars for a certain amount of time, similar to bans but rather (or additionally) they are blacklisted from driving cars. For example, a player uses the cars to weave in and out of traffic recklessly and ends up causing a crash being their fault, they could receive a ban (if applicable), but also be blacklisted from using cars for a week or so. 


Therefore if blacklisted from cars, they will be kicked from the server if they try drive a car, similar to how you get kicked from the server if you have non car parts on a car.


Any example images:  c05806d7cf6d93042602e63fa8b6914c.png



Why should it be added?: As we know, cars have slightly different abilities than to trucks, they are faster, have better acceleration, and can be used legitimately, but also for trolling and trouble making. Therefore by adding a car blacklist system, they can face an additional punishment of not being able to use the cars because they have abused them. People take the cars for granted and purposely recklessly drive with them because of their enhanced abilities





(it sounded clever in my head, but know I've typed it out, it doesn't sound like how I was thinking of it)

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Guest DFGssadWGEYGTWESGasadfdy

The only downside to Penguins suggestion is that the player would be able to do it many times before being banned, and it depends if anyone can be bothered to report them.  Blacklisting them would be better as trucks are not as fast, the troll would get frustrated and then maybe give up which would be great news.

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On 10/15/2017 at 5:19 AM, H4MZ4_ said:


Most of the reckless drivers are in cars, I highly doubt they'd attempt the same type of driving in a truck, because obviously the car has much different speed and handling that it would be harder to do.

If this idea where to ever get implemented into the game, and they use there cars and get blacklisted from the cars, they could just buy a better kind of truck. There are a few trucks that are faster than the Skodia Car. For example, the Scania Steamline truck goes around 113MPH, but the Skoida Car goes 93MPH if they are both going the maximum speed for there engine, and if the Scania Steamline truck has upgrades applied.

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I agree with your idea, cars are also used for trolling and trouble making and people which do this must be punished.

I'm not sure to forbid players to drive a car for a certain delay will be really useful. In my opinion, limit the car speed for trollers is also a good method to reduce crashes and more... For example, if Player 1 receive a "Speed car restriction" by a Game Mod for 1 week, he doesn't drive a car over 90km/h (56MPH) during one week. This sentence would be an alternative to your idea.

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