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Moving the game documents



Good evening,


My problem is the following:
All my program data are stored in my OneDrive/Documents folder, also the data of ETS2 including the mods I'm using.

And some of the mods (strictly ProMods) use my whole cloud space and I can't save any more things to my OneDrive.


So what I want to do is moving the folder containing my ETS2 game documents to another drive or at least out of OneDrive.


I am aware of the fact that I can't just open windows explorer and move the folder by using ctrl+x and ctrl+v. 

If I did so, the game would not know where to find the needed mods, save profiles and so on, and iirc the TMP launcher also has to know where these data are stored.


My question is: What do I have to do in order to move the folder to somewhere else without any issues?


(I guess I will have to reinstall TMP to change the directory path, but what else?)


Maybe some of you have already moved their game data folder once... or know how to do it ;) 


Any help is appreciated :) 

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Hi @DrEGZo,


There are programs that can help you move things like this without actualling reinstalling them, you can Google to find some, but that is at your own risk. The safest way, without dowlnoading any additional programs, is to fully uninstall everything (except Steam as that is the base of everything, unless you want to move that too) using the control panel and re-install everything into the desired drive. Remember though, save your Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder in a safe place, as that is where your profiles are saved. This will be required if you want to keep the profile you have. Once you have re-installed everything, paste everything in that folder back in to the new folder created when you install ETS2/ATS again. 






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Thanks for your answers :) 



Unfortunately I was not able to solve the problem by reinstalling. At the beginning of the download, Steam asks me where I want to install the game itself, but I can't choose a folder for the game documents, it's seems like it's selected automatically. Additionally, I haven't found a way in the steam options to change the default documents folder.


@** Kamazik Transcargo **

When I looked on Google before, I also found this solution. I've tried it (just for the mod folder since it's the biggest one of the game files) and look what happened:



That's indeed the biggest link I've ever seen.


I have no idea why it's that huge, I created the symbolic link just like in the tutorial.

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Your guide is for moving the game itself, and not for moving the game's documents (two different thing) - hence it doesn't help :mellow:



I tried again to create a symbolic link - and now it works! The problem before was, for some reason my PC didn't apply the changes to my OneDrive after I created the link, hence the cloud was still full and I thought nothing had changed. 

When I tried again, I deleted the folder online before creating the shortcut. It still displays that the link was 14GB, but nevertheless, for some reason my cloud isn't full anymore - and that's what counts for me :) 


Best answer marked, topic can be moved to solved.

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