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Hello everyone,


There has been a lot of confusion around the evidence and what is accepted as valid evidence and what we look for when users report on our website. This is something that you can refer to as to how to make your reports count and have a much higher chance of being accepted. Please note that these are just guidelines and not rules.


What sort of evidence should I be providing?


Rules violations that usually require video evidence (depending on the violation) are the following:

  • §1.3 - Spamming or Abuse
  • §2.2 - Ramming
  • §2.3 - Blocking
  • §2.4 - Incorrect Way / Inappropriate Overtaking
  • §2.5 - Reckless Driving
  • §2.6 - Useless Traffic / Inappropriate parking

  • §2.7 - Inappropriate Convoy Management / Car Abuse


Rules violations that usually can be proven with photo evidence (depending on the violation) are the following:

  • §1.3 - Spamming or Abuse
  • §1.5 - Inappropriate use of language, communication and impersonation of any kind
  • §3 - Save editing rules


If the offence you want to report is not listed here, you are best to have video evidence as video evidence is always preferred and is more likely to be accepted than photo evidence.

For video evidence, we need to clearly see the usernames and IDs, low quality videos or screenshots might get rejected if the evidence is not enough to spot correctly a player.


What is /pinfo & does it have to be in my evidence?


The command /pinfo [ID] is a command that shows a users TruckersMP & Steam ID when you enter in a user's in-game ID. This command is especially useful for identifying users in large crowds or when there are users with similar names. When reporting a user, it is not mandatory to have this command in the evidence or as a separate screenshot attached to the report, but it is highly recommended you do attach it as it confirms the user you are reporting is the user who is featured in the video. If the user quit the game before you were able to do the command, don't worry, you can still submit your report, but there is a chance that you may get the wrong ID in reporting the user, which means your report may be declined. 


How long should my video evidence be?


When looking at lengths of video evidence, we look for evidence that is between 15 seconds to 1 minute for a report of a user, so that we can immediately see the offence you're reporting and move on onto the next report. A video that is too short can be classified as insufficient evidence as it may not show enough of the situation to make a conclusion as to what user is at fault.


If your video evidence is longer than 5 minutes, we would like to have timestamps included in the report comment as to what time the offences occur. Reports without the timestamp may be rejected to having too longer evidence. If you have ban compilations, we do require timestamps either in the video link, or written in the comments section as to where the offence starts.


What website should I use to upload my evidence too?


There are 2 main sites where we will like to view evidence. YouTube and Plays.Tv are the most frequently used sites and are sites that we are happy to view evidence on, but depending on where you live, sometimes you may not have access to these sites. Alternative sites like Vimeo, DailyMotion, VidMe and Google Drive are all accepted, however, if you can use one of the other sites, we would prefer you to use those. Please note that we do not download evidence. Any site that requires us to download evidence will have the report automatically declined as we do not download evidence due to the security risk.


How long does my evidence have to be available for? 


Your evidence must be available for at least 1 month after the ban expires according to our rules. So, if a user you reported is banned and the ban expires on the 1st of January, your evidence must be available for viewing until the 1st of February. Removal of the evidence before the required time, might result in a ban from our reporting system.


If you have any further questions regarding our website reporting system, please check out the guide and FAQ here.


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