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Doubles License plate bug

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Mod Version:
Controllers Used: Mouse and keyboard
Description of Issue: Doubles License plate bug
How to reproduce: I can see my own license plate on doubles but i cant see others, i ask my friend to check my plate and he said that its black, license plate is missing. 1
Screenshots / Videos:


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Guest DeviLee

Umm... what does the rear plate matter anyway? the truck plates are what are customized lol i've never sat behind a truck and thought "hmm.... what's their plate" lol... it's the players user-number i take note of for reports should i have to report lol.. but hey, if it bothers you, then why not :P:)

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On 11.9.2017 at 10:24 PM, ScaniaFan89 said:

Yes what you have done there is illegal, you can only paint doubles nothing else. I would suggest you cancel the job before an admin spots it & bans you


I dont know why it should be illegal...

I have the same bug and everyone in my spedition too.

It is just possible to see the own License plate of the double trailer, but if you drive behind someone with a double, the last trailer dont have a license plate. The first trailer does. This is a bug and no savegame edit or mod. And it is a bug from Truckersmp.

Just ask a friend to take a double trailer and search his license plate of the 2nd trailer in ETS2.


PS: yes i know that this Forum post is 1 mounth old, but this bug still exist.

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