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[ARCHIVED]A Guide to Getting Recruited to Join the Team!


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15 hours ago, DrαkoSlαde [NIC] said:

But if I have several penalties in history of more than 1 year, can I apply?

If you have more than 3 bans ( it is including over 1 years ), you can't apply. [ But, @BANBYMISTAKE is not including the ban history ]



TeamAudi VTC Manager,

Chemistry - Verified VTC Manager, Past Master Trucker

TeamAudi Assistance Leader

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On 9/3/2017 at 1:41 AM, Guest DFGssadWGEYGTWESGasadfdy said:


Joining the TruckersMP Team


There have been many questions and confusion as to how to join the team.


This guide will aim to clear some of these misinterpretations and misconceptions.


      → Never join the team to become an admin!


You will fail at your quest. It can take a very long time to go through the ranks. You will just get impatient and quit eventually.



      → Patience is a virtue.


In order to join the team, you need to meet the requirements in the first place. That can take some time. Never expect to join the team merely two weeks after you have joined the forums.  For instance, it took me over a year to join the team. 



     → You need to be an active part of the community.


In my opinion, this is the most important part. That does not mean, however, that you have to be the most famous person on the forums, it just means that you will need to be around and engage with everyone.



     → Read the rules.


Both Forum and in-game rules. Also, acknowledge and actually understand them. You should know where to find them if you want to join but I will link them anyway, just to be sure. It is also very useful to not break those rules. I broke the rules once but learned, changed and did not re-offend.

However, stating that, your chances are much lower say if you have four or more bans on your account. And this extends to forum warning points.



      → Do NOT spam to reach the required post count.


Do not repeat what has already been said on the topic. Making 20 posts in about five minutes is spamming and we will pick up on it and warn you so take your time. As said above, be patient and make your posts over time in order to ensure quality over quantity.

Also, posting useless comments will lead to your posts being hidden. The team leaders are able to see your hidden posts so even though you may have a high content count, it will not necessarily be taken into account if many posts are hidden.

Make useful posts. And make relevant posts to the topic.



     → Do NOT backseat moderate.


I cannot emphasise this enough. It is against the rules, will reduce your chances of joining the team and eventually lead to warnings. There is a difference between being actually helpful and backseat moderation. For example, someone posts this:



Being helpful would lead you to link the appropriate topics of ban appealing, feedback as well as other useful topics which might help the user and would say please look at these after you have properly reported the post via the forum tool.

Backseat moderation would be by you replying with 'please don't post about your bans on the forum' for example, regardless or not if you were helpful in the rest of your reply. 


Feel free to be helpful and then press the report button.



     → Do not be salty if you have been told you're doing something wrong.


Take feedback positively. Being salty is not a good quality as you receive criticism from people when you are a team member. If you cannot take this criticism and end up being salty, it is not a very good quality and will certainly not help you get any further.

If you get warned, learn from it. It is not a good idea to post on the forums about how annoyed you are or make sarcastic remarks in future posts because of your annoyance/saltiness after being warned.




     → Be active.


All the time - not only when recruitment is open. This is picked up by team leaders and we want people to join our team who are active because they want to help and be part of the community all the time, not only to have a rank they can show off with.




     → Do not create drama, public heated arguments or get dejected if you are not getting recruited.


You do not always get it on the first go and this is normal. There might have been someone better than you or maybe you were on a shortlist for the next time. A big no-go is creating topics on the forum complaining about how you have not been chosen, criticising those who get recruited, saying how much better suited you are for the role or simply massaging the team leaders privately about your application. These all impact very negatively on your application.

Also, do not ask to join the team, be this by the forums or private or steam messaging staff members.



      → Be respectful.


It is very important to be respectful and understanding to everyone on the forums. There is no need to be rude and you will have to talk to and interact with many different personalities as a member of staff. You must always be calm, professional and able to think before saying something.




      → Everyone has a chance.


Do not be shy to apply. If you are looking to join support, be helpful. Answer people's questions in the help section. Do not get annoyed if you answer does not get shown as the help section is strictly moderated. You will be joined by the team leader if you are helpful.

If you are looking to join the moderators' team, it is a busy role which involves enforcing the forum rules, organising the same and interacting with everybody. It is of key importance to be well behaved as well as active as covered in point eight.



Also, the job is not as glamorous as you may think it is. Many times it can be very frustrating. You also need to remember that you are a representative of the team at any given time, place and situation which means you must be careful and behave accordingly.


Remember that it is not a power trip! 


I hope this guide has helped to answer your questions.


Best of luck for future recruitments!



@Anriandor for editing the format          

@PrototypeGR for improving the format

@KhaosHammer for adding the TMP logo

@Digital for approving the topic             


Thank you so much for the information.

Happy Trucking

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