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[RUS] Sosa_Brigman

ATS crash with new trailers

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Mod Version: second patch to 28.08.17 nightly patch)
Controllers Used: nvm
Description of Issue: When any player enter in your tab-area, console write "Incorrect rear wheel definition for /vehicle/trailer/wabash/trailer_45.pmd" and when this player enter to render area game crashed. Crash happened with any double axle new trailers(i think you know "all new trailers")
How to reproduce: Take a double trailer composed from medium and short trailers(wabash_45 & wabash). Come to any player and his client will crashing and he drop from game in short time.
Screenshots / Videos: nope

I think it was caused by new suspension definition(now not requred write definition for each axle)

Also in this morning(nigth) all work correct

Edited by [RUS] Sosa_Brigman
Now fixed

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