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On ‎21‎/‎08‎/‎2017 at 9:57 PM, Kat_pw said:


We are pleased to announce support for the latest SCS patch:

ETS2 : [d6893b8f540b]
ATS : [d6893b8f540b]



Support for DAF Lift DLC

Support for Double Trailers.


KNOWN BUGS (Will be fixed within the next few hours with hotfixes):
* Broken Police Beacons | To Do
* Collision / Sound Remain After Truck Disappears | Investigating

* DAF Purchase Crash | Fixed
* Plates Issue | Fixed
* CB Radio Issue | Fixed
* DAF Tuning Crash | Fixed

* Kicks for Double Trailer after cancelling a double job and teleporting to a garage out of Scandinavia. | Fixed

Make sure to read up on the rules. It is very important to keep the double trailers and jobs limited to Scandinavia DLC area.


I got a problem when I join as the skoda police it says I'm not police yet I'm in a police car so why is that?

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