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Do you have trouble with modifying your savegames or do you feel like it is too much work for you?


Well, now the time has come to make it easier for you.


Let me present you the (I'm still looking for a good name)

"ETS2 Savegame Editor"


There is not much to say about it, it's only purpose is to make saveediting easier and (hopefully) faster.

Just take a look at the images in the spoiler close to the bottom of this post.

And let me answer your first question, YES, IT IS COMPATIBLE WITH ATS as well


Download Links:


Download Links Beta Versions:new


Github Project Link https://github.com/RayRay5/ets2_savegame_editor


Changelog can be found at the bottom of this post


Compatible game versions


  • 1.27.x s (tested)
  • 1.28.x s Public Beta (tested)
  • 1.28.x s


  • 1.6.x s (tested)
  • 1.28.x s Public Beta (tested, thanks to @Anriandor)
  • 1.28.x s


Short "how to use" guide:


(Version with sound is still in the making)



Before you start, decrypt your savegame!!!


  1. Hit "Open File" and select your savegame file
  2. Hit "Anyalyze Savegame"
  3. Wait a few seconds until a message appears
  4. Modify the stuff you want
  5. Hit "Apply and Save Settings"
  6. Wait until you get a success message
  7. Done, you have successfully modified your savegame


(Minimum) System Requirements:

  • Windows OS (32bit or 64bit)
  • .NET Framework 4.6 is installed
  • a good CPU is recommended, otherwise saving and analyzing procedures might take a long time


Available languages (other languages might be added later):

  • English


The current version is stable and fully functional, however I have planned to add a few more features (like a job editor) in the future.

This program has been tested on a Win10 64bit system

If you find bugs or other issues, especially if you load the game after using your modified savegame file, please let me know








Working with garages and cities






slightly expanded GUI in v1.1(Beta)





Special Thanks to @Anriandor and @DrEGZo for testing

And a very big Thank You! to @W4chund for testing and finding a few bugs


Known issues:

  • bugfix for an issue leading to a game crash if you buy stuff or fast travel
    • this occurres when you upgraded a garage using this save editor
      • If you are reading this and if you have this issue, try downgrading your garage to level 0 save your savegame, then analyze it again and then upgrade the garage again.
    • I think I found the cause for this problem, but I need time to fix and test this. As long as there isn't a fix deployed, use the workaround mentioned one line above


A new version is currently in the making, no ETA.

Currently planned features / bugfixes for the next version (v1.1):

  • Simple FAQ and Help database (to be improved)
  • Simple Instructions and guide database (to be improved)
  • Bugfix for an issue leading to a game crash if you buy stuff or fast travel (in the making, it will be released either with this or with the next final version)


long term planned features:

  • simple job editor (planned)
    • Notice this feature will be added in this version or a future version
    • I might switch to a similar feature (truck/trailer) editor if I feel like I am stuck with the implementation of this feature
  • savegame optimizer (planned)
    • optimize your savegame
      • by deleting empty lines (planned)
      • removing other unnecessary data (planned)
      • corruption checker for your savegame (planned)




Changes Version 1.1 Beta
FIXED Exception when right clicking in the TreeView "Garages and Cities"
FIXED Application Crash when right clicking in the TreeView "Garages and Cities"
(hopefully) FIXED Weird behavior when right clicking in the TreeView "Garages and Cities"
ADDED User Input will be completely disabled during writeback
    - ADDED FAQ section to MenuBar
    - ADDED License, Version, Changelog, About, System Requirements and Thank you section to MenuBar
    - ADDED Savegame Optimizer, currently disabled and not functional
ADDED "Unlock All" Buttons and Functions for Garages and Cities.
        Unlocking Garages will automaticly upgrade all of them to the highest level
        "Unlock All" Buttons will be disabled if you performed this action already on your savegame
REMOVED Context Menus from Treeview if they aren't neccessary
PLANNED "Unlock All" Buttons will be disabled if number of unlocked elements equals the number of total elements

TODO for FINAL Version Add stuff to the FAQ section




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^Have you set the save format to "g_save_format 2"


You can check this by going to "~/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2" and open file "config.cfg".

Theres should be some line which contains "uset g_save_format" (without the braces)



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Is this working for 1.28.3? I re-saved it with uset g_save_format "2" and it says that the file is not decrypted.

The save folder itself has these subfolders.



Edited by Vargur

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Select the newest file (which you saved after changing to g_saveformat "2") and open the "game.sii" file



I talked to some other guys who already used this tool and they had no problem with the file.

Are you guys sure that you chose the savegame that you (just) created and that you selected the correct ("game.sii") file?


I'll make a video guide tomorrow, so it should be available later tomorrow or on Sunday

Edited by RayRay5

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love the idea but I do have issue with the decrypting part, i tried following your "guide" for decrypting (used the 32bit and the 64bit, checked if I have 4.6 NET framework which i have and PC is powerful enough AMD Ryzen 7 1700x CPU with 16GB RAM 2666Mhz speed)


Attached is 1 image of the error along with the g_save_format as it should be.

Couldnt upload both images due to limitation of size but it gives on both versions -32 and 64bit- same error when trying the decrypting.


Luckily I know how to edit it other ways but was testing it for a friend that has the brain of a sweet pig ;)




error 64bit version.jpg

Edited by VipersFury
info in image that is privat had to take that out

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2 hours ago, Jaffa VTC- Me[M]o -Driver said:

Doesn't work gives me this error

Do you have .NET Framework Version 4.6 or higher installed?



@VipersFury You have to save the game once again after changing the g_save_format and have used the game.sii from that savegame/folder


BTW: I actually check the file header, so if the prgram says the file was not decrypted, it is actually not decrypted.

As mentioned above, some other guys tested it for me and it worked out fine for everyone of them


EDIT: Decrypt your savegame using this program first, please


Edited by RayRay5

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4 hours ago, Jaffa VTC- Me[M]o -Driver said:

i was choosing corrupted game.sii file 

Thanks for this info, maybe I'll try to add an error message in the next version

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I had the g_save_format already as it should before i tried the program.

Will try with the other program first, i know that one decrypts since I use that myself 


Once decrypted with your link and is same as what i use myself the program works.


Maybe jinxing it now :

But wasn't the idea to have program who can do the decrypting built in your ets2/ats savegame editor so people could skip the decrypting part with seperate program? That is how I read it but might be my silly thinking ;)


(Cause that is where it goes wrong for most the decrypting, on the other hand if they don't get it to work with that then they haven't read the guide that comes with it or not enough knowledge making it smart to mess with the sii files of profiles anyways)


Edited by VipersFury

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@RayRay5 Seems like a nice tool for people who wants quick money, exp and garages. :)


But I have a feeling that it would be quite a job for you to add truck and trailer/job customization.


I do have a bit of knowledge in C# (if that's the language you used, I only read .NET Framework so I'm just assuming :P ), and I have learned quite a lot of stuff on my own and from others in save editing.

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^Yeah, I'm using C# with .NET Framework, mainly, because of the GUI and some Threading stuff which feels like it is easier to code with C# than with java.

(Hmm... writing about this might have brought up an idea for optimization in my code)

Take a look at the github repository, maybe you can find some bugs in my code. (I know that there are some and I have found a few, yet I am still fixing them on my local repo)

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^It's not really that slow, atleast you are the first one to complain about it.

Only when saving the file, but thatcan be limited due to your CPU and the way I process the data.

I can either have fast data processing/manipulation or fast writeback to the file.

However I have an idea how to improve it, but I am not sure if it will make it faster. I have to try it, but that is on a lower priority since the program does what it is intended to.

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