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TruckersMP and Shadowplay



Hello, I have tried multiple recording softwares and yet the only one that has actually proven working for me is FRAPS but that takes my FPS down badly.


I've been trying to use Shadowplay now but it just wont load in-game.    Now, when I first click the TruckersMP desktop shortcut, I see Shadowplay FPS showing on that first screen but when I click "Play ATS" and the game opens, it doesn't show anymore nor will it record.


I'm not sure what to do at this point, I need something better that doesn't bog down the FPS.



I have tried OBS but it just keeps freezing on me no matter if I have the settings WAY down or settings to where it recommends it to be.


Have also tried Plays.TV but that does the same thing as Shadowplay.

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2 hours ago, Mirrland said:

Hey @eXodus.IL.


I had a similar issue, of which was solved by a quick reinstall of NVIDIA GeForce Experience.


If the above does not work, does shadowplay work with other games, or not?

Yes, it does work in other games.  It's only ATS even offline it does not work. 


I have used the DDU program and reinstalled my drivers and still nothing.      The only part it DOES work on for TruckersMP is the first loadup screen where you have to click either 'Launch ATS' or 'Launch ETS2'.     After clicking ATS it doesn't work.



2 hours ago, Jaffa-VTC I Mirko9 I FME said:



In topic bellow you can find a lot recording software's but if OBS,Shadowplay is not good for you than I highly recommend you a X-Split.



Hope so you'll find a good recording software.


   Happy trucking!



Thank you, I will try out X-Split and see if it works. 


EDIT:   Thanks again, I have downloaded and have X-Split and it works great!


1 hour ago, [AC] xaverracer said:

Hey :) By me Shadowplay doesn't reduce fps. I have GTX1050Ti, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD.



I too am running a GTX1050Ti, 12GB RAM and ATS is on my SSD.

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To say thank you for suggesting X-Split and it worked for me.
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If you use Windows 10 you can use the function integrated in the operating system to record the way you want and without sacrificing as many FPS as you would with external programs.

You can capture the previous minutes or seconds by pressing a key combination (WIN + ALT + G) Shadowplay style or make a full recording from the beginning.

To activate this mode, visit Windows 10 Settings > Gaming. Enable Game Bar and in Game DVR section enable background recording, adjust the configuration to your needs.




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Good downloading Nvidia Geforce Experience, if you say you have a GTX1050Ti you have to go up to the right side of the screen and where it shows the green sharing symbol you select it and a transparent window is opened where you will get 3 Options.


1. Save the last 5 minutes.

2. Make frabacion.

3. Cast live on Facebook, Youtube or Twitch.

And lastly you will have the part of the configurations of keys fast and other configuration.

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Hello there,


I am using Nvidia Shadowplay as well and it works just fine. If you press Alt+Z to open GeForce Experience nothing happens?

•Intel® Core™ i7-6850K •Asus ROG Strix X99 Gaming •Asus ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080 Ti OC 11GB •Corsair Dominator® Platinum Series 32GB DDR4 3000MHz C15 •Samsung 970 PRO NVMe M.2 512GB •Samsung 860 EVO 1TB 
•Corsair HX1000i High-Performance ATX Power Supply •NZXT Kraken X72 •Coolermaster MasterCase H500M
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