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Flagship Events are turning one!


We appreciate your contribution to our success this past year.
Flagship events are turning one year this September. With this wonderful ending of our first year and starting another year,

Flagship Events are proud to announce some great events and competitions to our amazing community truckers within Euro truck simulator 2 for Day 1 and American truck simulator for Day 2.


Please note: All times listed in this post are BST.



Events will be on  "TBC"


Truckfest / Flagship Event Quiz

2ND September 12:30 - 13:00


To start our excellent weekend of events, we are hosting a Truckfest at Oslo Seaport. You can come with a trailer to be ready for the following events.
A map for the truckfest is available below :




As always, we require players of whom are not part of a VTC to park in the ‘Public Parking’ slot.


VTC Slots:

Slot 1 - TSRVTC

Slot 2 - Big H Haulage

Slot 3 - TruckersFM (Radio)

Slot 4 - Atlas Logistics

Slot 5 - U.C.M

Slot 6 - The Trucker's Lounge

Slot 7 - Northern Star

Slot 8 - Legacy Freight Services


If you wish to book a slot for your company, you can do so by filling in the following form: (Company owners only)

The Flagship quiz will be released at the same time the truckfest starts. We will be closing the quiz at the end of day one - 21:00pm BST


We shall be hosting a quiz regarding the history and general information about Flagship Events.

First person to answer all 10 questions correctly will be the winner.


ETS2 Convoy

2ND September 13:00 - 14:30


After the truckfest, we shall be hosting a 1 ½ hour convoy in Scandinavia.


It will be starting in Oslo Seaport

And ending in Aalborg


A map for the convoy is available here:





Truck Hunt

2ND September 15:00 - 17:00


Ever played hide + seek? Well, as the title implies, it’s time to hunt for some trucks! They will be spread out within the ETS2 map

Your task is to Find the trucks and take a “selfie” with them and submit them here:

[Link will be post on the day]



2ND September 18:00 - 19:00


As everyone enjoyed the challenges during H64 we have come up with 3-4 challenges for you to test your parking skill.


Form Link:

[Link will be post on the day]



2ND September 19:00 - 21:00

Event unconfirmed

We all wanted this right? Well we got a race competition for you all.
Here are the details you will need to know before you sign yourself up!

participants will line up at the top of the Alps and race down to the finish line. The race will consist of 8 participants the first, second, third and fourth finisher of each round will head on to the Semifinals and then first and second finisher of them rounds will be in the finals to determine the overall winner.



Races will be streamed by an Admin on our Flagship twitch


Sign Up Here:








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