Graph to show ATSMP population?

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Hey all. I've had ATS since the day of release and really haven't played much of it but am trying to play more online. 


Now obviously the population on ATSMP is extremely low which is a major bummer because I prefer ATS than ETS at the moment due to the enormous amount of trolls on ETS.


I am just wondering, is there an official graph/site to show the population of ATSMP? I am curious to see the fluctuations and if the population is increasing or decreasing at the moment.


Thank you

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1 hour ago, caff!!! said:

scroll down for short/long term player number graphs

Thank you that is perfect.


And holy moly, I would have expected more of a difference in traffic for ATSMP US, but it was practically straight-lined.


32 minutes ago, Iron Spirit [NL] said:

Remember to take into account there's an open beta going on right now.

Good point!

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