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Why is there no picture upload function?

Guest Chinois&Cinesi&Kinesisk


Guest Chinois&Cinesi&Kinesisk

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^I can't use this function in my account. It's a problem!

5.png Why is my account picture upload feature blank?




However, other users can use this feature:




I know I can use http://imgur.com/, but even if I use it, can't upload pictures.  It shows: Cannot create post


Why does my account automatically hide the upload feature?


If can't fix this problem, please tell me some other free pictures sharing sites,because I can't use imgur,but I don't know about other photo sharing sites,welcome everyone's answer, thank you very much




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Hello Doppler effect, if you are using Chrome with adblocker or an anti-virus with a plugin for your browser it might mess everything up.

I have a Kaspersky plugin, and sometimes on some website's i loose some important features.


Disable addons on your browser for TruckersMP forums and it should be working again. 



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