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Synchronize tolls and roadworks lights.


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Suggestion Name: Synchronize tolls and roadworks lights.

Suggestion Description: The roadworks lights are a big problem if a few friends and you do a convoy, you see the light green, but you friend doesn't. Also, I think the tolls should be sync too to became a game more realistic.

Any example images: Not necessary

Why should it be added?: Because the game becames more realistic and also the roadwork lights can be useful to the convoys.

PD: I think that before the France DLC the tolls were synchronized, I do not know why that feature was removed.


Sorry if there is something that is not well written, I am from Spain!

Edited by Numeritos


ETS2 is a Simulator, not a racing game, please respect the rules!

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Hi @Numeritos,


This has already been suggest multiple times. Please search before posting. This cannot be done as it is something with the code and from a programming stand point, it can not be done. Otherwise I'm sure they would've implemented it already. I have linked a few similar threads:




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This has been suggested plenty of times and not accepted due to it will need a lot of work i am not sure how much but i do not think it matters in someways because if you have not put money in SP for MP your not going to be able to do a realistic run with the amount of bad drivers you will loose money doing repairs.

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