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Patreon instead of Donating (or both)

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Suggestion Name:

Using Patreon instead of PayPal donations (or both)


Suggestion Description:

I would love it to become a patreon of TruckersMP and donate every month. For the players who don’t know what patreon is: Patreon is platform where you can donate something every month. TruckersFM is already using patreon why not TMP? Patreons could get a rank on the Discord (like TFM) and on the forum. I would directly get an patreon. (But the PayPal donate button could be there). 


Any example links:

Here is a link to the patreon page of TruckersFM


Why should it be added?:

There are many users who want to become a patreon. When you add a rank on the Discord there will be more...


(And yes, this was suggested some years ago. But there weren’t any suggestions for rewards and there wasn’t the option to get a rank on the Discord.)

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Guest DFGssadWGEYGTWESGasadfdy

I don't see the need for removing paypal donations as some people would rather donate one off (can't expect everyone to donate monthly).


I don't see the need either for another rank on the forums as it has no benefits and we already have the veterans subforum which is very quiet.  However, a discord rank I do not see a problem with.


I would +1 for a patreon option but -1 to remove the Paypal option.

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It's a good idea

Some Youtubers use Patreon and i think it's possible to see who has Donate right???

TMP should add Patreon and not replace some Truckers like/use Paypal or Patreon

But it's a good idea 

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I see where your going with this and I quite like the idea if you were to keep paypal donations and bring in patreons as well I think it may be a great way to raise money some people may not want to pay every month but some may be willing i think it could possibly boost the donations but it depends what the TMP team think as im not very good at this side of stuff so +1 to keep paypal and get patreons.

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