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Suggestion Name: Allowing gui modifications into multiplayer

Suggestion Description: A GUI modification to allow users to customize what they see without effecting the other players

Any example images: New-Route-Advisor.jpg

Why should it be added?: 

I would like to use a gui mod in multiplayer, i know there is a stick rule of modification to the multiplayer however if the TruckersMP team could integrate a tool of some sorts to allow users to change the gui as i doubt it would crash other peoples games as they cant visually see it and they don't need to see it at all.



Image link/Mod Link:

Old : https://ets2.lt/en/new-route-advisor-v-1-0-by-xebekzs-2/

New : https://ets2.lt/en/new-route-advisor-v-1-2-by-xebekzs/

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It's a good idea but this is somthing id say would be better being suggested to SCS as TruckersMP is the MP mod and can only add what SCS makes as i dont think it will work being made by truckersmp not saying there bad they are absolutely brilliant but i think it would need to be added to SP before MP.

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Yup your suggestion is in SCS Wishlist Megathread. That's the right place to have it suggested as it has to do with the base game, so you might want to up-poll there to get that suggestion considered.

Other than that, please refer to Tuxy Fluffyclaws's post on Frequently Suggested Things and read under Add Mod.

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It's a great idea, mainly because of the design. In addition, it provides a better view for the player, who does not need to leave a small window in the lower right corner open; Just go ahead and take a look at the top panel.




É uma ótima ideia, principalmente por causa do design. Além disso, proporciona uma visão melhor para o jogador, que não precisa deixar uma pequena janela no canto inferior direito aberto; apenas vá em frente e veja o painel superior.

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On 11/30/2018 at 3:36 AM, Xpert said:

I love the idea, but I think this should be an optional setting for players. Some may not like it and some may favor it. Personally, I would be down into using this but like I said, other might not favor it.


I think he is absolutely right. We should select it from TruckersMP options/menu. I won't use it always because it is so small, I cannot see the screen when my eyes are tired. It isn't an important thing to make developers busy with this. I ain't totally sure. If developers like it, upvote. If they aren't, downvote.

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On 8/17/2017 at 12:58 AM, LSPD Gamer said:

I like it but TMP NEVER support Mods you have to suggest it SCS to add this feature.

But i like it...



I think TMP can support some mods just fine. The best example is Promods.
So the mod for the Route advisor as well as FMODS from eg Robinicus and Kriechbaum should be fine in my opinion.


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+1 For this feature. The thing is that, mentioned as above, I don't think that TMP will allow to use a mod while we play MP. Maybe it can be implemented as an optional feature, where you can activate/deactivate (obviously, in terms or rights, they will need to talk to the mod creator and see if he doesn't have any problem xd).

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This is a lovely addition when isolated, but as @Lasse rightly points out, client-side mods being introduced into the TMP world can seldom be considered in isolation. when a modification such as this is introduced into the game, there would almost certainly be a spark of debate across the forums and on the discord, with a great many people posing arguments along the lines of "if what I suggested couldn't be implemented, why could this?" It would be a fair argument and as such TMP Development staff need to be very careful about what they choose to implement in upcoming versions of TMP, because every novelty has to be justified when the community is as large as it is here.


With regards to this particular UI design suggestion, I would lean towards not having it implemented, because when weighed up against other things that could go in to benefit the community at large, this is somewhat superficial and gimmicky in nature.

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