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What are the best Long Haul trucks?

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Hey driver! Welcome to this quick review/guide about EcoDriving and the best trucks to use. Just before you read, if you like to go quick, and you always go max throttle. This isn't for you ;)


What is Eco Driving?


E-Drive, Also know as Economical driving is a driving style where you save fuel. Its mostly about saving money, but also about helping to get rid of the global warming problem in Euro Truck Simulator :).


How do I Eco Drive?


Very easy. First off, start with getting a truck with a V6 engine (It can be a V8 but it will ruin your LPK/MPG). After you have purchased the truck, switch to a 4x2 or 6x4-2 (liftable axle) chassis. Lifting up an axle when its not necessary will reduce tire-wear and fuel usage. After getting your basic upgrades, its time for your drivingstyle. First of all, try and find the GREEN line on the Tachometer. That indicates which is the best region to stay in if you want to save fuel. You should shift when the green region ends (near 1500 revs on most trucks). Then theres also a YELLOW and a RED region. You want to stay out of those, they will cause very high fuel usage and sometimes engine damage. Now you have followed these steps, its time to look for a good truck!



When I can do easy Eco Driving, is there more to do?


Yes. After you can do the easy EcoDriving, you can go to a next level :). That means you can use techinques like EcoRoll. EcoRoll means that if you go off a hill, you put the truck in neutral and just let it pick up speed naturally. If you want to lose some speed, or maintain a speed, hold the retarder button. The Retarder, AKA Engine brake, Jake Brake, will slow down the exhaust fumes and that means the engine will revolute slower. Which means, that you save fuel!



Which trucks are great for Eco Driving?


1. Iveco Highway


The Iveco has a V6 Cursor engine, which re-uses exhaust fumes to run the engine on. Which also functions as an extra turbo. The Highway has a 560HP V6, and a 1200L tank. And that re-usable fume system makes tons of torque! It produces 2500NM. If you use easy EcoDrive, you can get around 3000-4000KM and if you Super-EcoDrive, almost 4000-4500+KM


2. DAF Euro 6


The DAF, which is made in The Netherlands, has to be extremely economical because of the laws. Which makes it one of the best. The DAF E6 comes with a 510 V6 PACCAR engine. Which makes 2500NM at 1425RPM! Which gives it MAX power in the Eco region. It has a 1400L tank, which will give you a range of 2500-3000KM in EcoDrive and 3000-4000KM in Super-EcoDrive.


3. MAN TGX (Not the Euro 6, since its not ingame yet :()


The MAN TGX, is a truck thats pretty old. But it still does very good on Long-Haul Eco-Driving. Its purely because of the long-haul. Otherwise a Volvo/Scania would be in this place! :) The TGX' 540HP V6 engine makes 2500NM at 1410RPM. Which is the Eco region, which makes it ideal for heavy loads. The 1250L tank will give you around 3500-4500KM in Eco Drive (At a constant speed of 75-80KMPH - 45-50MPH) and 4500-4800KM in Super eco drive doing 70-75KMPH- 40-45MPH.



That was this quick guide to Eco Driving and trucks that dont ask for alot of fuel! :) 

Please drive safe!





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