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[ARCHIVED] Recording:How to only save the last minute of driving

Andrea Vaillant

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Recording:How to only save the last minute of driving

This method will cost you only 2 frames


Use /pinfo before saving the clip and not after!!



-Open Xbox App, go to settings (blue circle) and select Game DVR (red circle)




-Make sure that it is enabled (first circle)

-Write down these two combinations:

   Win+Alt+R to start and stop recording a normal clip

  Win+Alt+G to save the last minute (for example,use it immediatly after a crash)


To record the last minute enable also the other option in the second circle.

Make sure the option in the third circle is set to 1 minute,which is ok for everything (a good kill in battlefield,a crash in ets2...)




If you have a poor gpu (i have an hd530) don't worry because you will lose something like 2 frames,not even noticeable.

Anyway you can lower (or higher) the quality of the clips:








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Guest CrackPrewier

Thanks for this guide topic.

However,I don't like these such type a programs because difficult to use.

I advise bandicam or plays.tv because easier to use. 

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  • Project Manager

Hello there,


I am going to archive this guide as we do not see a need for it. There is already another megathread (that we have recently created) that shows various instructions on using game bar.


You can view that other topic here:

- Phon

TruckersMP Community Manager




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