What's your favorite anime character?

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Hi. I would like to know what your most favorite anime character is, and if possible your second favorite character. If you want, you could also add the reason for it. Just a few rules you need to follow:


  1. You write the full name of the character, and the anime name of it
  2. You post a photo of the character with it
  3. If you want, you may add a reason


I'll begin. My most favorite character is Mikasa Ackerman of the series Attack On Titans, as I really love her personality, backstory and ofcourse how she looks like. She protects her (little?) 'brother' and would even risk her life for him.




My second most favorite anime character is Levi Ackerman, as he is one of the best skilled elites who is also of the same series Attack On Titans. 




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Posted (edited)

My most favorite is Killua from Hunter X Hunter :D:wub: Which is my fave show ;):D



my second favorite is Gon also from Hunter X Hunter :D:wub:


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My most favorite character is Tsubasa. When I was young I always wanted to play football like him.


My second favorite character is Bugs Bunny :) 




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