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I didn't see any posts relating to this, so I decided to post. I am sorry if it has already been addressed.


There is a bug with the NCZ, "No Contact Zone" at the service stations for ATS with the Heavy Cargo Pack.

Every time someone spawns in or drives through someone in that area, their truck gets thrown up into the sky.


I have seen a couple of people mention it in their statuses on here, but I thought I would mention it within this Forum.

This is causing people to park on the side of the road as it's damaging people's deliveries.


I hope the Dev Team can fix this soon. :) 




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Mod Version: ( after patched Released ) + (after the hotfix on the 13th june) 
Controllers Used: keyboard - mouse....(not useful to know)..
Description of Issue: look my the video in the ''(Screenshot/Video section)''
How to reproduce: i dont know.. with heavy haul trailer with the '' spreader '' ( the last part of your truck ) and 2 person inside the limit of the NCA/NCZ ( Non-Collisions Area ), and a truck trying to go out of the store and get jumped in the air... 
Screenshots / Videos:https://www.twitch.tv/videos/151802099 (00:28:45////00:30:00)(READ FULL DESCRIPTION IN THE VIDEO FOR MORE INFO)(i have my background music so think about drop your PC sound a bit, just a lil warning in case,but that isnt too lound..  )

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