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many players use speed hack ,how to stop them?I'm just an ordinary player,I just want to enjoy my game .Can not you make a procedure to restrict them? 

This software can be tried in the stand-alone mode, the online state can still be!!!I was tortured by it!! How can i do it? 


sorry for my bad english.


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The 'software' featured in your topic will not be supported by TruckersMP I'm afraid. The best way to stop the people speed hacking, is to record your gameplay. This way, you can report them and get them banned.

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Hi there,


as @Attach said, it would be good to record your gameplay and report the players which use such trainers. 

Plus, it isn't as easy as you might think to stop players from using such software, because this manipulation is client-sided, so it would require a really big system to restrict the use of such software.


Hope I could help.

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Programs like shown above can only be blocked for so long and since many programmers can easily gain access passed any type of security features installed, it's very hard to block certain programs from being used. It does suck being abused in-game by certain programs but, unfortunately, we can't do much besides record and report these players to better our experience while playing the mod.


I would extremely recommend posting this in the suggestions forum since you're asking for them to make a way to stop this certain program from working.



Have a great day or night! ;)

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