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Cant sleep nor use the ferry due to the game freezing



Ever since i reinstalled ETS2 and TruckersMP after Refreshing Windows i have had constant issues involving transport using the ferry/train as well as issues sleeping online. These issues are not apparent when in single player however this constantly happens on Truckersmp

For example from Newcastle - Amsterdam you need to use the Ferry to get from the UK to mainland Europe. When i go to the harbour and attempt to use the ferry all i get is the World of trucks synchronising screen and a locked cursor not allowing me to do anything until i alt tab and kill the program. 


I have now tried reinstalling ETS2 twice and TruckersMP 3 times and i have used 3 separate profiles. My previously saved one, One i found online and a newly created one. All 3 of these profiles have the exact same issue.


Is there any known fix to this? if so it would be greatly appreciated if someone could tell me. Thanks




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Guest K0rnholio

Hey Mate,


A short answer - wait and have patience. Go do something around the house or watch videos on your mobile device. The first time you sleep, F7, take a ferry or train or etc you will come to a black screen and it will stay like that for a few mins generally 10 - 15 mins depending on your PC. If you keep closing ETS2 when you try taking the ferry this will keep happening. So take the ferry and just wait it out.

EDIT - You only need to wait once. After you waited and it goes back to normal every time in the future you use the ferry or etc it will work normally the way it should.


Some additional reading material.






Hope this has helped.


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Guest DFGssadWGEYGTWESGasadfdy

Say if you quick travel to a garage does the same still occur? 


If running as admin doesn't help then the only option is to wait 15 mins

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