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[RSL] Chio San

Rain as in ATS for ETS

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As many players have already noticed, it is possible in ATS that it starts to rain during the ride and stops again.

In ETS, however, it only starts to rain when one of the three options is met ...


-fast travel

-Towing the vehicle

-drive with Ferry/Train


It would be nice and much more realistic if the rain would stop by itself and begin.

Just as it works in ATS.Is this possible or is there any difficulties?

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Set weather ( do in singleplayer and save, after load your MP save and it should be done. )

Did it just start to rain at the wrong time or are you tired of the sun? You can change the weather from sunlight to thunderstorm or from rain to sunlight in an instant.


g_set_weather X f/i

Where X is a number representing the "weather index", 0 or 1 (larger numbers work as well, uneven numbers are rain and even numbers are sunny)
The last f/i is how fast you want that weather to be applied. If you supply an "f" (forced) that means the weather will switch right away.
If however you supply an "i" (intermediate) then the weather will gradually change to what you selected. (approximately 20 minutes game time)

Currently (version 1.11.1) there's only two weather types but that may change in the future.





Yeah, due to the timeflow in MP, the rain is really really long, so IMO its better just to disable it:


1)Set the rain probability to 0 (aka Settings>Gameplay>Rain probability > put the slider to the left)

2)For that to take effect, you'l need to go in SP and sleep/travel to a garage


i dont know if you were knowing already this or looking for this solution ???? i wish that could help you :) 

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