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The Lazy Truckers




The Lazy Truckers is a VTC made after having been in so meany others that close down or just ask too much of there drivers, this VTC is a laid back VTC just for fun and those that want to just play on there own time,

both ATS and ETS2 players are welcome any age and from any where in the world we have no forced convoys or Jobs amounts

this is a VTC where Family and life comes first but also somewhere you can relax and not worry if your doing to much or too little...

This VTC will always be open and never close from under you.




Seems like every VTC has a you Must part so here is our's


  • You MUST Respect all members in game on site and Discord
  • You MUST Follow TMP rules if you play MP
  • You MUST Play for for Fun of it
  • You MUST Only do as meany or little jobs a week as life lets you
  • You MUST Only join Convoys that you want to join


Some Non MUSTS!

No Mic requirements

No Min amount of jobs per week

No Forced Truck Colors or Skins
No Forced Convoys

No min Site/forums activity

Don't have to jump through hoops to join
Just have FUN!


If you want to join a VTC that's more a family and where all are welcome then LazyT is for you..

Click here to join LazyT


Feel free to join our website and Discord get and know us


LazyT Logger: https://vtlog.net/company/1156
Website: http://thelazytruckers.tk
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/xJbTWsN







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Thanks for the welcome though your a few years late been here since day 1 and was even on the old forums :P 


We now have 40+ members and still growing... Be Lazy is the new....something or other ;)

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Drivers Update we now have 50 Family members :)


Lazy Truckers Family is growing faster  then I could have ever imagined... here's to the next 50!

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On 10/15/2017 at 8:09 AM, Erebos01 said:

Just the small, friendly and no mic requirement VTC i was looking for, my apply is sent in :)

Welcome to the LazyT family...


We are now back to 50 members after the move from TB to TOM we are also now Official Beta testers for TOM so meany cool things in the works fast becoming the best logger out there :)

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