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AV Ransomware protection blokcing TruckersMP




I just wanted to let the devs know that there seems to be an issue with TruckersMP, when using an AV-product that has built-in protection for Ransomware. I am personally using Bitdefender and here we have ransomware protection enabled by default, but when enabled it gives this error when trying to open TruckersMP the first time.

Disabling the ransomeware protection resolves the issue.

Perhaps devs should look into why the application is being blocked by the AV ransomeware protection. A few friends of mine are getting the same issue and are using other paid AV products. Maybe someone in the community knows a way to use TruckersMP with the ransomware protection enabled?


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You are experiencing what is called a "False Positive". This is when the AV detects a program which it believes is somewhat dodgy. For TruckersMP you need not worry, the client is clean.


To disable this you can either, add an exception within your AV (A quick google search will do) or you can disable your AV when playing TruckersMP. Personally I recommend you add an exception in your AV.


Hope this helps!



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Thank you for participating.



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